I started Fiddlesticks Designs three years ago in Santa Barbara, California.  I’ve alwIMG_1770 009 - Version 6ays enjoyed painting and other creative pursuits and thanks to the inspiration provided by my three sisters I began crafting twenty years ago.  That’s when the four of us made a pact that we could no longer “buy” Christmas gifts for one another and promised instead to hand make our sister gifts.  So, since then I’ve worked in wood, metal, clay, yarn, fabric, paint and eventually collage and assemblage.  The idea to create candlesticks came from stacked art sculptures and the desire to repurpose special family keepsakes for my sisters.  Today my sister Jayne and I comb California’s Central Coast in search of treasures to use in my creations and we are frequent visitors to antique shops, secondhand stores and estate and yard sales.

The first step in designing a candlestick begins with cleaning and examining the objects collected for any cracks, chips or flaws.  I then drill a small cylindrical hole in each item to allow insertion of a threaded rod that will support the candlestick.  This is when the real fun begins with the selection of either an interesting base, or special piece, that will inspire a theme and/or color motif and form the basis for creation of an attractive and unique candlestick.  I have collected over 2000 pieces of vintage china, glass, ceramics, pottery, pewter, brass and silver to choose from so creating interesting designs and shapes is exciting and always a challenge.

What I love about my candlesticks is that each one represents a unique, colorful and spontaneous design and serves as a functional piece of art.  They range from whimsical to formal and favorite themes include Asian, holiday, blue and white, and milk glass.  And, they are always one-of-a-kind.

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I do creating them.


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